Procedure 12: Finishing your car at home

Keep in mind that this step will add about 5 grams to the weight of your car. The procedure below will give your car the best appearance possible.


1. Fill in any voids (cut lines, nicks) in your car with wood filler.
2. Sand the wood filler down so that it blends in with the contour of the car.
3. Apply several very thin coats of spray primer(Kilz works great). If you apply the coats too thick, the paint will run and ruin the look of your car.
4. Be sure to let the primer dry completely between coats.
5. Sand the car with 600 grit sandpaper.
6. Apply several very thin coats of spray paint in the color of your choice.
7. Be sure to let the paint completely dry between coats.
8. Lightly scuff up the paint with steel wool.
9. Apply several thin coats of clear sealer.
10. Allow your car time to completely dry.